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7 Ways to Cultivate a Next Level Mindset

You know you are destined for more but you feel stuck and unable to go to the next level. Kia is no stranger to this “stuck” feeling. As a entrepreneur and ministry leader she has discovered 7 ways to push past procrastination and cultivate a next level mindset. You will leave this session ready to conquer what’s holding you back and move to the next level.

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Podcast

You’ve got topics. You’ve got themes. You’ve got ideas. You’ve got an itch to share your message. Starting a podcast is a great way to do just that. However, you shouldn’t simply dive into podcasting without thinking about a few important things ahead of time. After all, even if it will be only a hobby for you at first, odds are you want your show to have the best chance of being successful. A little planning before you launch can be the difference between a show that has no listeners and one that is on track to have a fanbase. Now let’s get down to the details of what you need to know before you start your podcast.

How to Write Devotionals With I.M.P.A.C.T

Do you want to write devotionals that touch the heart, heal the soul, or cause your reader to stop and think? Whether you’re writing for your blog, your women’s group, or for a devotional website, your stories are the key to the depth of insight, understanding, and life change needed for yourself as well as your reader. In this presentation, you’ll discover how to take a personal story, glean the godly lesson, and make it universally applicable to transmit that lesson to your reader for His glory. Your unique insight and the lessons God has given you could be exactly what someone else has been waiting to hear!

How to Confidently Build Your Online Coaching Business

So you want to be a coach with a profitable business but you don’t have any clients or know where to begin. In this session, Belisa is going to teach you how to create and sustain a profitable coaching business that will help you build a purposeful addition to your current platform. After attending this session you will have the practical tools you need to create your coaching business.

Vision to Impact: The Power Moves to Make Your Vision a Reality

It’s been on your heart for a while now. You’ve got this vision, you have a dream, but how do you make it a reality? How do you take your vision and create an impact in your community and the world? Join Chantal as she gives you the power moves you need to take your vision from a dream in your head to a reality in the world that impacts lives. Chantal will give you the tools and tips she used to build her non-profit organization from a vision to a high functioning organization that provides pandemic relief. You’re just a few power moves away from impacting the world.

Pitch Like A Pro: Tips For Pitching Articles & Essays To Magazines & Newspapers

The proliferation of blogs and online news sites and magazines has created more opportunities for writers plus an influx of writers competing for bylines. The key to success as a writer in the new media age is to find a way to stand out in the sea of talented and experienced writers. Pitch Like A Pro will teach you the tips and tricks professional writers use to grab editors’ attention, pique their curiosity, and show them that you’re the perfect writer to contribute to their publication.

Do More With Less: Build a Professional Platform on a Solo-Preneur Budget

Speakers, authors, and business owners know the importance of establishing a professional brand. If you’re just getting started however, you don’t want to empty your bank account to build a reputable platform and you don’t have to. In this workshop, speaker and entrepreneur Christina Patterson teaches the essential systems every business owner needs to know without breaking the bank.

Building a Platform From the Ground Up

In this interview with the founder of the Social Scoop and Moms N Charge, Christine St. Vil, you will gain practical insights on building a platform.  Christine will inspire you as she shares how she built multiple brands from scratch. 

Starting and Growing a Sustainable Business

Whether you are just writing out ideas for your business or looking to grow it, this session will help you not only lay out the initial fundamentals of your business, but running it in a fun, professional, and sustainable way! Get ready to learn start-up tips, building strategies, financial expansion, hiring a team, day-to-day operations, and so much more. It’s time to start or grow a sustainable business that will help you and your clients thrive and survive!

Going Pro: Everything You Need to Know To Become a Professional Speaker

How do you transition from speaking for free –or a “mug & a hug”– to establishing a scaleable speaking business/ministry? Diane shares best practices and lessons (mistakes) learned, navigating the bumpy road to going pro: Marketing: Key assets, tools & strategies for getting booked Speaking fees & monetization Content creation, presentation & delivery Event planning, book/product fulfillment Recommended resources.

Honoring the Value of Waiting While You Write

In this interview with author, Dorena Williams, you discover what to do with your waiting season.  Dorena shares valuable insights she gained prior to landing a three-deal book deal with B & H Publishing. 

Vetting the House: Questions to Ask When Choosing a Publisher

It seems that everywhere you turn, people of color are getting their books published. As a writer of color, it’s tempting to jump into the fray and sign with whomever shows interest. But are there particular things that authors of color need to look for to make a wise choice? What are the questions you need to ask to ensure that you are choosing a house that will steward your voice and help you make the most of your publishing opportunity? Learn from a veteran publishing professional and discover how important it is not just for the book publisher to vet you, but for you to do your due diligence and vet the house.

Creating a Brand that Elevates the Voices of Others

In this interview, best-selling author, speaker, and business owner, Chrystal Evans Hurst, will share how she built a brand that elevates other Christian women.  If you have a desire to build a ministry brand that elevates others, don't miss this interview. 

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Giving Yourself Permission To Do Ministry & Business

In this interview, business and ministry leader, Jennifer Kochert, share the steps she took to unapologetically build a ministry brand that is both profitable and a blessing to others.  

Making It All Work: Bridging the Worlds of Motherhood, Marriage, Ministry, & Career

In this interview, writer and speaker, Karen Harmen talks about the challenge and pressure to do everything well.  Karen shares how she manages motherhood, marriage, ministry& career without losing herself in the process.

How to Stop Waiting for Permission & Start Building Your “Table”

You sense God’s call to step up to the next level in your business or ministry. You’re afraid to use your voice, your influence in ways, maybe, you haven’t before. Yet, your platform size, your self-doubt and not even the well-meaning (aka fearful) advice from your aunts and cousins has weakened the volume on God’s call. How do you confidently and practically pursue this call, especially when it appears there are so many other people with bigger platforms and a seemingly larger reach than yours? In this session, you’ll start developing a plan to leverage your strengths and creativity to create a platform building resource or experience for the message God has given you.

Batch Create Content Like a Pro

When it comes to building a platform, you can feel like there is never enough time to get it done. This is especially true if you are a busy mom or career woman juggling multiple things. Being consistent with your content creation is essential to engaging your audience and growing your reach. Batch creation will helps you create new and engaging content with the time you have.

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